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  • Can I become a real Shinobi/Samurai through the practice?
    Frankly, no. While spiritually their practices live on, the Shinobi and Samurai ceased to be in the mid to late 1800's.
  • I am a total beginner to martial arts. Do I need any prior experience?
    Prior experience in the martial arts or sports is not required to enjoy our practice. While previous experience makes it easier to pick up, working your way up from a blank slate is just as doable.
  • How long does it take to get my black belt?
    Ah yes.... The age old question. Depending on many factors (i.e., frequency/intensity of practice, age, medical conditions, practice methodology etc.), a fresh beginner student can attain Shodan (first degree black belt) within a few years. That said, we do not promote "belt/rank" hunting as healthy practice, as one's rank is not necessarily reflective of their skill or experience.
  • Am I too old to begin studying martial arts?
    As long as a student is in decent physical and mental condition, no age is too old to begin practicing a martial art.
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